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The Hubert Eaves Interview…..


“Race music was even before my time. There were songs being cut by black artists but they were not able to get them played. They were played locally in the black clubs and the black neighborhoods. Then certain white artists would come along and they would re-cut them. Someone like Elvis Presley for example and they would be huge hits. That was the kind of seperation that was going on at that time, during a time when there was an obvious race situation going on and the music just reflected that.

If the record companies did sign a black artist the monies were so trivial to the point where they could never get the exposure their white counterparts got. Take a guy like Pat Boone, he did a lot of that, covered a lot. You cant necessarily blame Pat Boone or the white artist. It was the companies that were running it and crafting it in that way because they were making money.”