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The Freebo Interview…..


Behind the washtub basses and the fret less kind behind the Tuba's and any other instrument is the individual who engages with that apparatus.

The sound that emanates  from this instrument can depend upon the proficiency of the player, there use of scales and notes. Mathematics are part of it....but ultimately to be in a band you need to have a gig. And to have a gig you need to have soul. A collectivist mentality that as an accompanist you are doing your job making the leader sound as good as possible.

My guest today came into his own when the musical spectrum was wide open. You had 1st generation blues players who were experimenting with electric mud, you had younger male and female artists who were looking to turn back the hands of time. Exploring jug band music and American Folk Music in a more modern setting.

My guest musical career seems to have spanned several lifetimes. From Maria Muldaur to Bonnie Raitt, from Buddy Guy to Amos Garrett. From the cabins in Woodstock to the concrete jungle of Los Angeles my guest has continually reinvented himself. Adapting to the times and the changing dynamics of conveying authentic live music.

He is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer and its an honor to have him on the program