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JFS #116 The Ra-Kalam Bob Moses Interview….


Ra-Kalam and Jake Feinberg Two Free Spirits engaged in Cosmic Conversation.....


Back when I was a junior in college I went to see my guest with John Medeski @ the Sommerville Theatre in the Cambridge area of Mass.

I say in the upper reaches of the venue a small vaudeville style place perfect for intimacy through improvisation.

My brain was addled with some kind of mushroom tea so as my guest thrashed, chanted, communicated and swung the band he was giving me a preview of a trip I did not know I was on.

His career has spanned the last four decades. He has been a drummer with Gary Burton, Dave Liebman, Jack DeJohnette, Harold Vick and (spiritual teacher).

He was at the forefront of the east fusion movement with Larry Corryell and the band (). Call is psychedelia mixed with vocals and jazz changes....today aside from his prolific playing schedule he also teaches @ the New England Conservatory of Music.

Gratitude is the Attitude

Ra-kalam Bob Moses welcome to the JFS