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JFS #115 The Greg Errico Interview……


To believe that you were part of real movement towards social progress is validation to some. For those who were actively involved in cultivating the spirits of the change is magical. When the involvement is through rhythm then the spirit transcends. My guest today came from one of the greatest regional hotbeds of local music - the San Francisco Bay Area. He was the drummer for Sly Stone and the Family which fashioned multiethnic multiracial bi-gender members intent of exposing the city by the bay as a place of experimentation, intellectualism and a down right fuck you to American conformity. My guest moved on from the Family and made stops along the way with Carlos Santana and played with some of the greatest Afro Cuban percussionists including Victor Pantoja Willie Bobo and Armando Peraza and Coke Eacovedo. Guys who were rooted in the rhythms made popular by Bay Area vibist Cal Tjader... From Latin Rock to Weather Report and the Boogie Woogie Waltz with Joe Zawinul. While dwelling in fusion he was also tied into the Novato scene. The barn with Mickey hart and Bill Kreutzman, Zakir Hussain. Maybe a trip over the Lee Charlton's to play with the gravity adjusters expansion band. Ultimately this paved the way for a connection with Jerry Garcia and John Kahn in this hosts favorite pocket of that band lifespan. I wish there was a riot going on! Greg Errico welcome to the JFS.