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The Hap Palmer Interview…..


I have two children both of whom love music. Not because I play contemporary child's music but because of my love of all musics. In fact I have struggled to find any real substantive children's music until I strolled into Desert Industrials and came across Getting to Know Myself and Homemade Band two of the definitive children's  albums made by my guest during the fertile landscape of the early 1970's.

This music swings and while not an all out funk fest these albums open kids minds to create their own homemade instruments. Be it string, paper towel dispensers, sticks its a homemade band.

Then I come to find out that my guest was the originator of combining music with movement for kids. It's the rhythm, the bouncy buoyant infectious energy that makes you want to dance.

It's nice to welcome Hap Palmer to the Jake Feinberg Show