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The Cedar Walton Interview…..


How is one elevated to the land of giants especially when it comes to music. For my guest today it had a lot to do with biding his time, forming deep collaborations and a selfless heart.

He has played spiritual burning music with a generation of musicians who were prolific in their writing, arranging and unapologetic viewpoint on the African roots of jazz. Donald Byrd, Billy Higgins, Clifford Jordan, John Coltrane, Blue Mitchell, Eric Kloss, David Williams, Freddie Hubbard and Wayne Shorter.

Like the organist Jimmy Smith my guest today wants you to feel what he's playing. Stick with a theme, do it again, make it apparent to the listener and player that he will be relentless in his pursuit of ideas that can permeate the mind and let you dig it.

My guest today is a messenger  who has delivered soul bop and soul jazz to audiences around the world.

He left the university of Denver and came to NY where he became an instant mainstay @ the old Birdland. The tunes he has written have shared appeal among fellow collaborators like Art Blakey, the aforementioned Hubbard, Wayne Shorter and all the eastern revelers.

Today he is still as active as ever and it is a great privilege to have him on the program.

Cedar Walton welcome to the JFS