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The Paul Fauerso Interview….



As previously stated on this program the San Francisco Bay Area sound was as distinctive as any regional sound in our countries history.

When you look back at the roots of this sound it's clear manifestation started with the Trips festivals that were spear headed by local pols, promoters and musicians. There was a fascination with fusing pure psychedelics with masses of humanity in dance halls saturated with wood brass and steel.

My guest today was the leader of the Loading Zone. One of these bay area incarnations whose sound crossed over several musical idioms.

My guest had jazz leanings but knew  as a pianist that he needed to expand sound with the blues and rock drenched make-up of the region. He also wanted to grab some of the east bay grease that combined soul and funk/punk lyrics and rhythms.

This desire led to a serendipitous connection with Linda Tillery whose gut bucket style and swagger helped catapult the Band to commercial relevance.

The Loading Zone was one of the original test cases of the Bay Area Psychedelic Movement. They were often times on the same bills as many of the more recognizable acts such as Big Brother, Country Joe, GD, Sly and the Family Stone and the Airplane. They played winterland and the Fillmore West the Family Dogg and the Louisiana House.

After the original group disbanded my guest put the Zone back together with legendary drummer George marsh for a second album entitled one for all. This new amalgamation at times fronted two drummers and increased their polyrhythmic qualities all the while staying true to the regional appetite for improvisational jamming.

Fauerso so good... Paul Fauerso welcome to the JFS.....