JFS #103 The Bernard Purdie Interview…..



Along the way on my journey to cover the greatest generation of musicians I have discovered that in many ways the drummer can set the tone for an entire session.

If the drummer has a preferred style and gets locked into that style then they cannot fit into different settings. They get locked in a mold and their growth is stunted.

If however the drummer has the chops and channels his ego to fit into different musical arrangements then you have the makings of a real swinger.

My guest today has the deepest most condensed resume of any musician I have talked with. Because he was in high demand he accepted unconventional opportunities that fostered his own creative input and growth.

His power and rhythmic timing elevated many of the great electric blues sessions of Cornell Dupree, Joe Cocker and Chuck Rainey and BB King.

His ability to swing the band gave Prestige Records a huge lift as he contributed to his own career as a leader as well as those of Charles Kynard, Boogaloo Joe Jones and Sonny Phillips.

He has been a drummer for gospel and rock outfits. Along with the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. Let it flow James Brown, Gil Scott Heron, Galt McDermott, Leon Thomas and Steely Dan.

Bernard "Pretty" Purdie welcome to the JFS....


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