JFS #101 The Howard Wales Interview….



The San Francisco sound is more about a state of mind. One of independence, curiosity and experimentation. Psychedelics played a role but make no mistake it was a pleathearu of mavericks who made that SF Sound.

Guys who were looking to stir things up with late night jam sessions @ the Matrix. Loose open ended affairs with cats who played @ the Heliport and West Marin.

A 12 minute space funk jam with Bill Vitt flashing a style he cultivated @ Dave's soul kitchen and John Kahn a Bloomfield favorite who grew up wanting to be Scott Lafaro. There was also a guitarist named Jerry Garcia who was well schooled in bluegrass and psych rock but was a curious cat who desired to stretch his vocabulary. Garcia openly acknowledges that my guest did more for his ears then anyone else he came across.

My guest today is a keyboardist and Hammond Organ extrodinare who came from the Midwest and firmly laid his flag in that SF scene.

Before heading west he honed his chops working the southern RnB circuit working with Ronnie Hawkins, Little Anthony and the Imperials James Brown and Jimmy Hendrix.  Upon arriving in the Bay Area he formed his own band known as AB Skye and found studio work with the Grateful Dead, Martin Fierro and Harvey Mandel. He also has laid claim to several albums under his own name such as Rendevoux with the Sun and The Monk in the Mansion. It's been a long time coming Howard Wales welcome to the JFS.


Happy New Year!



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