JFS #99 The Napoleon Murphy Brock Interview….



Everybody dreams, some dreams are narcissistic and petty, some have dreams so vivid that they almost seem real. Others dream and put those dreams into reality.

When you take the natural attributes that have been gifted to you, dedicate yourself to your craft and dream for the stars nothing can  stop you.

This mantra is not easy to establish. Self doubt creeps in, barriers artificial or not arise like a hundred year old cactus in the desert. Remember when you throw a t onto can you get the word can't which can prove to be the biggest detriment.

My guest today vanquished his insecurities by diving head and shoulders into live entertainment. He was singing and dancing for opera companies in high school all the while being encouraged by his parents. He played the saxophone and flute in The marching band following in the same vein as Hadley Caliman, Sam Most and James Moody. He took the T off of can't and became a brother of invention.

His career has seen him cross paths with Frank Zappa, George Duke JLP, Roy Estrada, Chester Thompson Ike Willis and the Fowler Brothers.

His stage antics and personality brought a new dynamic to the already independent and percussive laiden Zappa band. He sang about real people and real places which allowed the audience to feel connected to the musicians.

He has performed in RnB and Gospel outfits and has put out albums of his own including the 2002 record "Balls" which was an opportunity for my guest to strut his stuff to legions of younger fans who may not have been around for bongo fury....

A great musician and even better person NMB welcome to the JFS...


Napoleon Murphy Brock Interview:

Napoleon Murphy Brock Interview [Download]


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