The Jerry Granelli Interview…..



My guest today is an example of someone who was born in the right place at the right time.
He was raised in San Francisco and during his formative years when arguably the greatest music cultivation was occurring. The core group of Brubeck, Desmond and Tjader and Guaraldi spawned a new era in melodic jazz, never removing the street element but conjoining swing elements with Latin rhythms, bossa rhythms and African percussion.
At the same time Santana's Latin rock escapade was burgeoning as well as a bunch of Mavericks who were acclimating themselves to this fertile hotbed of cross music fertilization.
My guest got sticks in his hand and became part of it all. Bola Sete, Noel Jewkes, Jon Hendricks, Dr. Denny Zeitlin, the airplane, GD, the aforementioned mentioned Guaraldi, Benny Velarde and countless other gigs @ Jimbo's Bop City, the Both And, the Workshop


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