The Bill Cosby Interview….


Entertainers need to be aware of what's happening all around them. The great entertainers are aware of all the best that's  around them.

The best education, the best food and of coarse the best music. The kind of music that comes from your soul- or maybe even deeper.

Jimmy Smith laying on his B-3 or Willie Bobo playing congas in in Spanish Harlem. Monk Montgomery extending a hand while Big Black played the African room.

My guest today is a great entertainer. He is a comic, a purveyor of Social Issues and a doctor. Hid education @ Amherst helped galvanize the classic childrens program the Electric Company and also prompted the little Bill series  that my daughter is holding as she sits next to me. From the streets of Philadelphia to the house that Jello built my guest never wavered in his love of music and the musicians.

He danced to it. He sang to it. He played keyboards, he played the drums like Max Roach.... my guest was Badfoot Brown.

Today we see a weakening of the nuclear family and a culture that seems to use people and love things. it's far different from the community that had a major influence on this entertainers life.

Bill Cosby its an honor to have you on the Jake Feinberg Show

Intimacy, Humanity, Accessibility and Music. At this point my greatest journalistic accomplishment. Keep Your Lovelight On, JF



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