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My guest is an example of industrious musician. He grew up in Utah will music all around him. His father was a prolific multiple-instrumentalist who would not let his son play his trumpet because he thought his son would blow "bad-air" into the horn. Well what did my guest do? He created a makeshift trumpet that he used to serenade girls and it worked.

His first live musical exhibition was. In the traveling Jewkes family band playing in the mountain west in front of native americans and farmers.

At a certain point he believed that in order to grow musically he had to move to the bay area and stretch out. What followed and continues today is a musician who has broaden people's beliefs in spontaneity, orchestration, amalgamations and smelling the roses.

He has played with Jon Hendricks, Jerry Hahn, Ron Stallings, Michael Bloomfield, Ed Neumeister, Jack DeJohnette. He has been instrumental in creating jazz workshops and educating a younger cadre of musicians to swing.

So much to talk about with bay area saxophonist Noel Jewkes welcome to the JFS


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