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JFS #85 The Michael White Interview…..



Spirituality in Music comes from the intimacy between musicians. Letting go of control and allowing collaboration between humans. Taking chances and playing what you feel is also an inherent component to spiritual music.

Then we turn to the apparatus- the instrument itself. When you think of the violin it conjures up images of a classical setting  very formal with improvisation limited to the whims of the conductor. It is truly the spiritual ones who can blend their soul and instrument to take it outside of the accustom idiom. To use the violin in conjunction with electric instruments like guitars, horns, keyboards and percussion. My guest  has been doing just that for the better part of the last half century with the likes of John Handy, Jerry Hahn, Eddie Marshall, Kenneth Nash, Ron McClure, pharaoh Saunders John Lee Hooker and John Coltrane. Using the violin as a conduit to further improvisation Michael White welcome to the Jake Feinberg Show

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