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Very often the sweetest moments in music history occur through a confluence of self expression. You have to have something to say. And it has to be a message that is sustained and built through other human beings. The late sixties and early seventies was one of those sweet moments in music history. You had a generation of African Americans coning of age on the left coast who were raised in households that taught them to be proud of their heritage. Some of these individuals came from the gulf coast and brought with them a soul rooted in gospel and blues. They were given opportunities to play with John Lee Hooker, BB King and Fred McDowell. Southern California was a melting pot of music at this time and my guest was right in the middle of it. He saw the progress made by his own people in civil rights. He saw his own heroes murdered by haters and fear mongers. Yet my guest and his brethren chose to respond with messages and music. The Sanctified Sound on full display with my guest today legendary keyboardist, singer, producer and collaborated Stu Gardner - welcome to the JFS.



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