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JFS #71 The Melvin Seals Interview….




















My guest today was rooted in his gospel upbringing.

Yet in a different period in our history when church music overlapped with soul and rnb my guest was in the right place with the right sound.

Originally discovered by Elvin Bishop my guest generated interest in the bay area as a Hammond B-3 specialist that could enhance the sound in country, acid rock, swing, jazz vocals.

Still it was the gospel organ that drew John Kahn to my guest. The Jerry Garcia Band was at a point musically where they had burned through a bevy of keyboardists and were looking for a sound that could bridge Roots Music with Motown and boogie woogie.

The swirling organ, the female vocals, the reggae pulsed rhythms. It was love in the afternoon for many years to come for all JGB fans. Melvin Seals welcome to the JFS.