The Jack DeJohnette Interview….



When I tell my friends that I'm interviewing Jack DeJohnette everyone has their own image.  For drummers they might Identify with technique and musicality, for avid fans it might conjure associations with miles davis, Joe henderson and the ECM label. For this host Jack DeJohnette represents a Titan of humanity who was one of leaders of a revolution in music and sociology. He was talented enough to play with major figures and emotionally connect to the individual and the music. This was coupled by the institutions of music who embodied the true essence of art.

What I admire most about Jack is his ability to come in to a session of lesser known but equally talented cats and make everyone feel comfortable and swing the band. This combination enhanced countless sessions and made for a more accessible and tolerant atmosphere. In summation, don't resent those who are not as strong but enhance the social paradigm by sharing your genius. Jack DeJohnette welcome to the JFS.


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