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The Arthur Adams Interview….


















In my continual search and discovery of all-time great musicians certain songs and albums have helped guide me towards these legends. Through these albums I have been able to put together configurations that made up these sessions. Some of the players have left us but many still remain active and playing. Such is the case with my guest today who played on more then a few albums that put me on this path towards affirmation. He has played w/ Charles Kynard, Phil Upchurch, James Jammerson, Stix Hooper, Joe Sample, Wilton Felder, Chuck Rainey, And Paul Humphrey to name a few. He is well-regarded for his blues licks but he also came of age during the time in music where there was a fusing of soul, rock, and jazz which made for a rollicking, grooving and experimental scene. Arthur Adams welcome to the JFS.