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JFS #57 The Robert Davi Interview….


















In relationships you have a first love and chances are you move on and marry someone for reasons other than true love. Once you are married you can't go back to your first love. Returning to your first love is possible in art. A multi-instrumentalist might return to the tenor saxophone after years of playing other wind instruments. A sculpture might return to the paint brush. My guest today is returning to his first true love- singing. After a storied career in Hollywood that spans 30 + playing characters such as the villain in goonies, and one of the greatest Bond villains of all time Franz Sanchez he is returning to his original craft. And he is not taking it lightly as evidenced by his latest CD Davi does Sinatra which is a conglomeration of sensual romantic ballads and up tempo toe-rappers that would make ole' blue eyes proud.
Robert Davi welcome to the JFS