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JFS #52 NYE w/ Pat and Aya Martino













My guest today is an old friend of the show. A spiritual sage of sorts who gave my archival tribute immediate gravitas with his appearance back in early April. At the time he told me "Jake, I am really excited about what's about to unfold." At the time I accepted the compliment but did not take it seriously. Now sitting here on the precipice of a new year, after over 100 interviews, using several of these interviews to help complete a book on Cal Tjader a tribute concert to Gene Russell, and finding a family I never knew existed I now know what he was referring too.  My guest hasn't had a bad year himself. A recently published autobiography came out this year about my guest and his storied existence entitled the hear and now. Im quoting one review; "Who but Pat Martino could write a memoir that effortlessly moves from discussions of Zen and expanded consciousness to street descriptions of Harlem in the mid-60's.

Welcome back Pat...