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JFS #44 The Ramon Banda Interview…
















My guest today on the JFS was the equivalent of a five tool player in baseball; meaning that he can throw, hit, catch, run, and hit for power. In the case of Ramon Banda it is spelled out in rhythms and instruments. Tex/Mex Polka, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Swing, Bossa, Psychadelic Rock, Organ/grinder, blues and Free Jazz. In terms of instruments it’s the drum kit, timbales, fuzz electric guitar, and the bearded gourds. He has teamed up with his brother Tony to form one of the most formidable bands on the west coast. When he’s not gigging with the family he holds down the beat with "The Skipper" Henry Franklin who refers to Ramon as an animal. He recently came off a multi-city, multi-state tour with B-3 legend Joey Defrancesco.

Music is Life, Enjoy it.