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JFS #31 The Phil Ranelin Interview….















"So let me ask you something Jake.....are we live?" {Quoting Phil Ranelin at about the 9 min mark}

Phil Ranelin grew up in Indianapolis and developed a deep musical friendship with Freddie Hubbard. After a brief stint in New York he moved to Detroit and began playing with Sam Sanders, Marcus Belgrave among others. In 1973 he and Wendell Harrison created "The Tribe Label" which was one of several independent jazz labels along with Strata East and Black Jazz. He cut two albums on this label all the while continuing his mission of raising black consciousness and education. In 1976 he received the key to the city with Donald Byrd.

Phil is a great spirit and a beautiful person. He continues to raise awareness most recently heading up the "Eric Dolphy Roots Project" in Panama. Perseverance baby......