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JFS #25 Live from Boston w/ Fred Taylor









One from the vaults as they say. I had a chance to sit down with Fred Taylor who at one time was the entertainment director at Paul's Mall and the Jazz Workshop in Boston. He currently runs the show over at Skullers.

Fred is 87 going on 60. He drove me over to his offices adjacent to Fenway Park and we spoke across the desks from each other on different phones. (Very reminsicent of Wes and Jimmy sharing pastrami sandwiches)

He recorded the classic 10' of Brubeck/Desmond "Live from Storyville." Fantasy Records called him several weeks later and wanted to release the recording that he made. He contacted Nat Hentoff to write the linear notes and the rest was history.

Fred T developed relationships with all the legends and had a particularly good friendship with Miles. He also was the first American promoter to bring Bob Marley and the Wailers to New England. So many great stories.....and the recording has real after hours feel to it.

It's been a business doing pleasure with you,