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The Last Big Brothers…









Who are the last big brothers? Mine are Calvin Keys, Henry Franklin, Carl Burnett, Bobby Pierce and George Harper.

These cats developed under serious mentors like Cal Tjader, Al McKibbon, Joe Wlliams, Freddie Hubbard, Woody Shaw, Art Pepper, James Moody and Ahmad Jamal. They knew they had to sing for their supper every night because there was someone in the audience who was headhunting. Looking for the first sign of trepidation so they could have a shot on the bandstand. It never happened....

What has happened over the last four days was nothing short of a spiritual awakening. The access that these artists provided us was unprecedented. They let us into their homes, introduced us to their families in some cases fed us and most importantly continued to fill in the pieces of our cultural heritage.

It culminated with a dizzying array of musical fireworks for an audience of venerable LA promoters, musicians and community leaders. Also one fanatical gonzo broadcaster who was smiling ear to ear.

I left completely unhinged and in constant evolution. What are the life lessons to be learned from this? How much of a role can I play in getting this music into the ears of kids? What were the systematic breakdowns in the music industry that has led to the constant digital loop? What made Freddie Hubbard such a crazy mother f****? These are things I need to think about as we begin to pour through interviews, pictures, rehearsals and gigs in an effort to put together something that is meaningful and built to last.

This whole experience was made possible by another creator Rafael Otto. While I was obsessing about "the Goat and the Archer" and Mr. Gleam Rafael provided a constant source of positive energy and resourcefulness. In the coming weeks you will begin to see material slowly trickle out of the vaults. The reason it's there is because of Rafael. Thank you brother.

I'm still learning and growing but for a moment or two I can stop and smell the roses.

Music is Life, Enjoy it

Good Enough,