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The Don Menza Interview Part I….
















"Close your Eyes and Open your Ears," says Don Menza. Don is a non-conformist - a man who was raised by Italian Farmers and grew up in the gutbucket of Buffalo, NY. (Upstate NY was a haven for jazz cats like Nistico and Noto)

He is interested in people who think for themselves. When a student asks "what books should I bring," he says "None!" He is tired of the assembly line manufacturing that has occurred in music schools/industry over the last 30 years.

He loves Sonny and Dizzy and Wade Leggy. All guys who had something to say and actually said it. As a wise philosopher once said; "you know, a lot of people have ideas although most never follow through." Don Menza will follow through for eternity.

A highlight occurs at the outset of Part II. At the time we were breaking in a new board op and he was still learning the transitions. When he fails to bring up Don's sound at the beginning the host has a slight meltdown.