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JFS #28 The Lew Tabackin Interview….












Summer tour 2011 was similar to the '84 GD. At times erratic with work coming in prolific streaks followed by sustained periods of hibernation. Still the periods of hibernation sowed the seeds of dreams which were than executed and made believable.

My first guest upon returning to the Monsoon Laden desert was Lew Tabackin. Lew T grew up in the underprivileged side of Philadelphia. When in high school during a small band competition Lew was trying to sound like Trane while others were copying the sounds of west coast be-bop. He made his way to New York and became accustom to playing in front of many of his brothers who would sit and make comments about his playing within earshot. This is a story of trial by fire although the competition was good.

Lew played on both coasts and spent sometime in Los Angeles playing with the great Billy Higgins. They made an album together in 1978 called "Black and Tan Fantasy." It was on a small label originally issued under Lew's wife, the great pianist Toshiko AKiyoshi. Last month I saw their grandson make his debut on trumpet at Gil Goldstein's July 4th spectacular. Rebirth and Regeneration.

Thanks Lew