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The Barry Miles Interview…..















New Jersey native Barry Miles starting playing drums at age 3. He quickly transitioned over to the piano and was playing with Woody Herman in the late 60s. To put it in perspective his dad served as his agent when he was 13.

By the early seventies he had already cut two massive albums with Pat Martino, John Abercrombie and his brother Terry Silverlight (who was 14 at that time). He also played a sick big band session with Eric Kloss and Gene Perla on Jersey Public Television! He is also considered a pioneer of fusion music.

One classic story occurs when Barry talks about a radio station from Rochester, New York that stretched all the way across the northeast.They played jazz all night long and that station had a profound impact on Donald Fagan's "Nightfly" album. This interview was taped using Nak 700s left of center.

Kind of like a puzzle,