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The Jake Feinberg Show is proud to announce the first in a series of concerts designed to raise awareness about the “spirit of our society” and provide some sunshine on my heroes. The ultimate goal of these projects is to infuse spiritual jazz into school curriculum all over the country by putting the music in kid’s ears. Also, as long as the Jake Feinberg Show continues to thrive the show will make a conscious effort to never allow state governments to ever choke the arts out of our society.

The first concert series is entitled, Heroes of Black Jazz> A Tribute to Gene Russell. Gene Russell was a piano player who lived and gigged in southern California in the 1960s. What he saw was a landscape where certain performers were safer and more palatable to record companies while a whole host of really talented afro-centric players were being shut out. He eventually started Black Jazz Records which was a subsidiary of Ovation Records based out of Chicago. He made it a point to give guys who were never leaders before a chance to compose and create their own albums.

Two of these guys are Henry The Skipper Franklin and Calvin Keys who were early guests on the JFS. After a talk with the spirits I realized that my conversations with them were just the beginning. Take it a step further Jake, put these guys back together and recreate the music that has made such an impact on my life. Well that’s exactly what I did.

Thursday July 14th HBJ will be playing two sets at Barbara Morrison’s Performing Arts Center I will be the MC at the event (in a white tux) as well as facilitator for this feisty group of plastic creek stompers. (See attached pictures)

Calvin Keys (g)
George Harper (Sx)
Henry Franklin (b)
Carl Burnett (d)

Obviously this has happened extremely quickly and we are less than a month away. Still if you can’t be in attendance I am asking for simple donations ($5, $10 $20) to help cover promotional expenses. The guys are getting paid based on who walks in that door so the more publicity the better. Furthermore, if this gets pulled off well the dream can continue in San Francisco, Chicago, Miami and beyond.

You can go to my website and click on the Donate button to contribute. I feel Dizzy, I feel Ali the time to act is now.

Good Enough,