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In Memory of Ali Akbar Khan Part I








My guests on Tuesday were Mary and Alam Khan, wife and son of the classical Indian musician Ali Akbar Khan. Ali Akbar Khan was the kind of leader our society so desperately needs today. He was a genius but entirely understated. He believed in equal opportunity and access to an affordable education. He understood why the arts were integral to the depth of a society as they are the pillars of our society. This is why people gravitated to this man. It is not mere coincidence that a great many bands from the Bay Area played benefit concerts to raise money for his music college. The work of Ali spans many decades and consist of compositions, writings, songs, pictures and other material that needs to be preserved and archived. As an aside I should also mention that his records have provided me great comfort during times of great pressure or imbalance in my life and have allowed my mind to open and be free of anxiety. Therefore this is part I of my homage to the Ali Akbar Khan School of Music in an effort to raise awareness and funds to uphold the sanctity of all his works.