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Three Base Hit….

Interviewing Pat Martino was a true revelation. The truth is that for Pat to reach out and give me as much time as I needed to feel fulfilled (his words not mine) show's you what a class act he truly is. Like anyone else in this game called life Pat has dealt with his fair share of challenges. He is not detached from his own existence the way so many people can become. He approaches all invitations and relationships through the prism of love and mutual acceptance. Without respect there is nothing.
Pat has also given "The Jake Feinberg Show" a boost of instant credibility. Being my first guest in what is to become a devotional to cultural heritage has allowed others to gravitate to this endeavor. This is one of the unseen moments of folklore. It's the unquantifiable, the relentless pursuit of shared conception.
Pat, it was an honor and a pleasure and I look forward to doing it again real soon.