JFS #13 The Pat Martino Interview



"The guitar for me had become a residence for me. I had been initially exposed to some incredibly efficient artists in jazz. Not only on the guitar, but many different instruments. This was a dream for me to be able to participate in this community with so many different facets that I was yet to learn in the near future.
Maybe if I would have known I would have turned in a completely different direction. I went to Harlem with definitive expectations and when I say definitive I say that through the lens of a child. Experiencing the ecstasy of a new opportunity. Not even knowing @ that stage of development what that outcome would be.
What was understood became a close friend and it resided within me.
There was always a misunderstanding coming from expectations of others saying, "your suppose to do this," or "your suppose to do that."
"Your suppose to use these strings, and your suppose to use a pick like this." That's the very same way of saying your suppose to worship god like this. Your suppose to wear these clothes, your never suppose to say what you just said.
It's the same thing with the instrument that I've happily resided in  for so many years. Its an encasement. A vehicle that provided an opportunity to be mobile and access to different world markets and media. Keeping in mind that you are learning from these opportunities."



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