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Crusader at the Helm

The JFS has taken on many amplified topics across our social and political spectrum since 2011 began. But in many ways natural events dictated the way my show has morphed in the last three months. With the horrific shooting that occurred the day before my show started I was obligated to do my first show in the shadows of this horrific crime. I did not have a chance to explain who I was or how I got to where I am today.

Still this incident propelled me to bring on competent teachers, lawyers, doctors dance teachers, barristers, professors, and newspaper editors to tell their stories both local and beyond. The results have been a satisfying array of viewpoints, opinions and editorials. 12 shows in and I have accomplished a lot.

As we enter month 4 I am now entering a niche. One that involves inviting onto the program all of my heroes in jazz. Be it Black, White, Native American it does not matter. The musicians I am bringing on in many cases have not told their stories before and are ready to talk. If you don't think there's a sense of urgency to this en devour look no farther than soul brother Melvin Sparks. He was scheduled to appear on my show May 8th and I talked to him two weeks ago. Less than 5 days later Melvin had passed away. Sadly his last words to me were, "I'm ready to talk." My discussions with these jazz greats will involve less music theory and more about their upbringing, point of view, perspective and philosophies as it relates to playing within a group context during a time when the best music was being made.

The interviews will air Sundays at 4PM (Pacific Time) on KJLL the Jolt 1330 AM.
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